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Jazzarae Krebs

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I spent most of my childhood lost in a book, devouring them with a frenzy to escape the world around me. My teenage years were devoted to poetry, the reading and writing of it. I did a few slam poetry contests in high school and almost traveled the nation participating in slam contests everywhere. No matter what dreams I wanted to follow, I only knew I had to go out into the world to find them. I packed up and joined the United States Air Force and haven't stopped exploring since. With my amazing husband and children, I continue dreaming with my head in the clouds.


“We're frightened of what makes us different.”

Anne Rice


The War on Mars

28 July 2020

Take a journey through the darkness with Erica, a troubled veteran who has been separated from her family and will do anything in her power to reunite with them. All is not what it seems as a virus ravages Earth making humans unaware of the sinister moves happening under the surface. An eccentric billionaire creeps from behind the shadows, his brilliance manipulated to a wavelength humans are unable to comprehend as he holds the fate of the entire world in his hands. Erica must fight off the crushing weight of despair, join an ancient rebellion lead by a mysterious woman named the Seer, and find out that you never know how close to reality the unimaginable is. Join Erica as she overcomes old military trauma, questions what it even means to be human, and explores the secret thoughts of what the world would be if humans were to cease to exist. When knowledge of a sinister plan for humanity falls into her hands, Erica must decide what is worth fighting for, her family or humanity. So begins, The War On Mars.

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The Path Through Time

Projected March 31st 2020

Join Erica on her next journey through Mars. After all the heart break and sadness she wakes up on the strange red planet. Find out how the Fates have decided her outcome and explore Mars with her as she maneuvers the intelligent society trying to find a way to bring them to justice. All is not what it appears to be and the greatest truth has yet to be revealed.  Join Erica and continue the journey this time exploring Mars and the universe around us.


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